Firefighter of the Year Sample Nominations
Example #1
Bob Smith has been with the Arizona Fire Department full-time since 1994. During the last six years, Bob has demonstrated an outstanding work ethic and an unwavering positive attitude toward both fellow firefighters and citizens in the community.

Called upon numerous times to go above and beyond normal duty assignments, Bob has participated in the following to assist the department in fulfilling its mission.

1) Expertise in heavy equipment operation and construction helped in virtually every phase of the ambitious Training Facility project. Pouring and finishing concrete for propane props and sidewalks around classrooms, or operating equipment to install underground piping, this nominee’s hard work was professional and thorough.

2) Nominee played an instrumental role in several projects at Station Two. Installation of the station’s emergency generator, mounting and organizing necessary equipment to place the departments Heavy Rescue in service, construction of a physical training room…and participation in numerous other projects the department would otherwise have been hard pressed to complete.

Bob's efforts, energy, and expertise have increased the departments overall capabilities. Exemplifying selflessness and a caring image that the public associates with members of the fire service, Bob is a highly valued member of the department and is certainly a strong candidate to consider for United Fire Equipment’s Firefighter of the Year Award!


Example #2
Bob Smith is on call 24 hours a day as the public information officer for the Arizona Fire Department. This years call rate has been very high and this firefighter/EMT nominee has shown tireless devotion to the department needs on and off duty, which has made this nominee, indispensable to this fire department.

Please consider Bob Smith for Firefighter of the Year 2000.


Example #3
Bob Smith acted heroically while off duty.

Going for a walk with puppy and 3-year old daughter in own apartment complex, this reserve firefighter heard cries for help and looking in the direction of the cries, saw smoke coming from the next apartment building.

There he found a woman crying for help because her apartment was on fire and she could not find her third child.

Smith, in jeans and a black T-shirt entered the burning apartment and confirmed that the third child was already outside and safe. Satisfied everyone in this family was safe, this nominee ran upstairs to alert other residents of the fire danger below.

With no response to his shouts to evacuate the building this hero began pounding on the door of the apartment directly above the fire. A man and his three teen-age children were sleeping, apparently unaware of their dangerous situation. The front door was unlocked so the nominee ran in and awoke them. Smoke from the blaze downstairs was rapidly filling up the apartment, and the nominees selfless efforts came just in the nick of time.

Suffering from smoke inhalation and first degree burns on the ears it was necessary for the nominee to be taken to urgent care but not before he helped pull hose to supply water for the responding mutual aid units. The nominee was treated and released the same day.

In addition, Bob Smith is an athletic trainer at the local High School and an instructor in basic life support and first aid.

Bob is a hero in the eyes of the people he saved and is a perfect example of the courage and heroism firefighters in our community display each day. This nominee truly deserves to be the Firefighter of the Year!

Example #4
Bob Smith is a great firefighter and leader.

Willing to take on the responsibilities of higher level personnel without the title or pay, this candidate is approached by co-workers with questions on and off the emergency scenes.

Bob is professional and has exceptional work ethics, always remembering to represent the department in a positive light in public.

Volunteering time, locally or away from home, to educate children and the general public on fire safety is another attribute.

Dedicated to the trade, nominee pursued a degree in Fire Science, and holds the title of Fire Inspector.

The department would agree that Bob Smith is a tremendous asset and deserves to be Firefighter of the Year!


Example #5
It was on an early Friday morning when Bob Smith, an off-duty captain/paramedic for the Arizona Fire Department came upon an MVA involving two vehicles.

It was the last day of work for a 19-year-old pregnant female in her third trimester prior to beginning her maternity leave. As all of her co-workers stood outside to wish her good luck and wave goodbye, the pregnant woman pulled-out onto the street in front of her office where she was abruptly hit by an oncoming car.

The impact of the collision was so great that the pregnant woman was ejected through the passenger window of her car. The spinning motion from the impact of one car hitting the other sucked the mother under her own vehicle and they both slid 50 to 60 feet on the pavement until the car finally came to rest on top of her.

First to arrive on the scene, Bob quickly sized up the situation and found the woman trapped under the vehicle who was barely able to breathe. She had multiple system traumas with several fractures including a skull fracture.

Knowing there would not be much time left to lift the vehicle off the victim before she suffocated, this hero contacted responding units and informed them exactly where to stage and set-up hydraulic rescue tools and airbags, which would be needed immediately upon their arrival. While waiting for assistance to arrive, this hero worked his way under the car with a bag mask he had, and tried to assist the victims shallow "fish breathing".

It was because of the initial instructions that the arriving units were able to perform the extrication in less than five minutes from the time they arrived on the scene. The patient was resuscitated with some stimulation and ventilation and was transported to the nearest hospital where doctors waited ready to perform an emergency room c-section. This nominee even ended up driving the ambulance that transported the injured mother to the hospital!

It was Bob Smith's rapid response that significantly contributed to the saving of the lives of both the mother and child.

Bob is a fulltime captain with one fire district and is also a volunteer on another local fire department, both of which responded to this incident. It is believed that Smith's knowledge and involvement with both of these departments is what enabled him to coordinate both departments to do their jobs so well!

In addition Bob chairs a training committee of the local fire chiefs association. Being back in the fire service for only five years after a brief change in careers, this firefighter has already achieved the rank of captain and has obtained his paramedic certification.

Bob's quick attention and rapid assessment of this situation was instrumental in saving both the lives of the 19 year old mother and her baby. This nominee who is always trying to brighten the lives of members of the community certainly deserves to be considered as this years Firefighter of the Year!

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